Professional-Grade Rinse Agents & Wheel Cleaners

Universal Petroleum Car Wash Services is the professional choice for car washes and auto detailers. From tire-rinse agents to wheel cleaners, we sell a diverse selection of products to both consumers and professionals throughout Jacksonville, Florida. We carry only quality products from Stinger Chemical™ to leave your car clean and shiny—guaranteed!

Cleaning Sponge

Car Wash Products


   •  Pre-Soaks
   •  Tire, Wheel, & Engine
      Foamers & Shampoos
   •  Tire Dressings
   •  Sealants
   •  Triple Foam Conditioners & Polishes
   •  Smart Base Chemistry


Detailing Products
   •  Degreasers    •  Wheel Cleaners    •  Bug Cleaners
   •  Brushes    •  Buffers and Pads    •  Nozzles    •  Extractors    •  Squeegees
Marketing Items
   •  Banners    •  Pump Toppers    •  Wind Chimes    •  Menus    •  Posters

Contact us at (904) 626-7470 in Jacksonville, Florida, for rinse agents that offer unmatched shine and protection.